Wreck It Ralph – Movie Review

Wreck It Ralph (John C. Reilly) is tired of being the bad guy, tired of being overshadowed by the good guy character, Fix It Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer).  Wreck It Ralph wants nothing more than to be the good guy.  Constantly being feared, ignored, and thrown off the top of a pent house suite can do that to a guy.  But Wreck It Ralph can’t be a good guy because the bad guy is written in his video game code.  If only he had a medal to declare him a hero thus finally becoming the good guy for a change.  Ralph goes video game hopping in order to get said gold medal.  Along the way he meets Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) from Sugar Rush, the candy-coated cart racing game.  They team up to help each other achieve their long sought after goals. Ralph who wants to become the good guy for a change and Vanellope to finally participate in the big race. But will a virus and the king, King Candy stand in their way.

Wreck It Ralph is a great movie for everyone, whether interested in video games or not.  Wreck It Ralph contains cameos of popular video game bad guys such as Bowser, Pacman Ghost, M. Bison, etc.  Wreck It Ralph is such a fun and hilarious movie, with a lot of action and even a surprise twist near the end.  Go see Wreck It Ralph

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Today 11-2-2012 (well actually it was yesterday)

I went to GameStop, two actually, to drop off an application.  I desperately need a job and I love video games so wish me luck on this.  Anyways as I was leaving a customer received a cutout of Super Saiyan Goku’s hair from Dragon Ball Z.  It is my all time favorite Anime so I just had to have that cutout but I didn’t think about asking how to obtain one.  Anyone know what I am talking about and can possibly tell me how to obtain?  Of course being a lover of video games I obviously didn’t leave without buying a game.  I bought Demon’s Souls, I already own it but I let my nephew borrow it and don’t know when i’ll get it back but I decided to buy it again because I have been very eager to play it again so I caved in.  I didn’t think of borrowing it from a friend until it was too late.  I also wanted to buy Dragon Quest 8, again (for the second time) but obviously GameStop stopped selling PS2 games. I guess I shouldn’t have laughed when they stopped selling Xbox games. I have a love hate relationship with the 360 because of a super 360 fanboy on youtube named GeneralMLD because of his constant bashing and assholery toward the PS3, I guess he walked in on the CEO of Sony America with his mom (i see i think i write).  Regardless of whether it is “dead last” or not it is still my number one, my first place.

The other day I was thinking they should release Okami in HD (with trophies) and found out two days ago it is available (which I just bought), now only if they’d do it with Dragon Quest 8 (trophies too, deff. trophies), I would love for that game to be available in HD on the PSN, it is my all time favorite PS2 game, well it’s between that and Final Fantasy X.  Anyways I guess I have to buy it online at gamestop if I want it back, again (for the second time), if only I didn’t trade it in.  Well I did to help my nephew pay for Skyrim, so even though I don’t have it anymore I traded it in for a good cause.

Well that’s pretty much how my day went yesterday, now it’s time to sit back with my Monster (energy drink) and play some Demon’s Souls.  So hard but man I love this game.  Usually when I keep dieing in a game I get PISSED but I haven’t yet with this game, I guess b/c it is so rewarding in the end.

PEACE OUT – TheMindOfJaredM80 (JaredM80 is my self awarded nickname and PSN username, if ya wanna add me)

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